Our company has developed a hot novelty on the world market: built-in interactive mirrors in the residency of the British company Rentokil Initial. These interactive mirrors are located at luxury toilets and react to movements of people thanks to a built-in camera scanning their whole body. While the person is standing in front of the mirror the camera locates a direction into which the person is looking at. In case the person is looking to the mirror and stands in front of it for a while, a presentation with a commercial is being launched with a 20 seconds count-down (the time necessary for a proper hand washing). The mirrors are build-in in a wall and cause so called “waw“ effect. The future plan is to use the mirros also for entertaining games.

The employees of the Bristish company were very helpful and cheerful. Everything regarding the installation worked out peferectly. The only „tiny“ problem was driving on the left and a flat tire on a rental car.