Interactive wall and interactive floor at the science center IQ Landia in Liberec

On March 28, 2014, exactly at 11:11 a.m., a new science center in Liberec was opened. In relation to that we created an interactive floor for our client ART Vision s.r.o. The floor included various touch games (little tiger, butterfly, see the links below)



For our next important client AV MEDIA, a.s. we have created and interactive floor for an exposition Sexmission (sperm game). Sexmission illustratively, amusingly but sensitively answer all your questions regarding sexual life. Exposition was prepared in cooperation with sexuologists and children's psychologists and is a first exposition of its kind in the whole Europe!


New touch screen games and interactive floor with blueberries layout in museum Kvilda

We programmed games for the museum (Kvilda in Bohemian Forest) in collaboration with our major client AV MEDIA a. s., e.g. touch games (Pairs, colouring pictures, puzzle and matching animal tracks with the animals and leafs with the trees and even lumbering tutorial). Furthermore a time magnifying glass, which is moved by a barcode reader or an interactive floor, which simulates a pathway through blueberry bushes?


Virtual Graffiti was presented for the first time in Pilsen

On 23rd June 2012, we presented a virtual graffiti in Pilsen at an event called Pilsen 2015.


New products (Virtual Graffiti and Augmented reality) and new members of IT team

Our programming team has grown, which contributed to extending our portfolio with Virtual Graffiti (V-Graffiti) and augmented reality.


An Article in Hospodářské noviny

On 11th June 2012, an article in Hospodářské noviny newspaper was published: An interactive floor also teaches people how to dance waltz.


Installation of touch foil and programming of application for Prague Information Service


From December 2011, a touch foil has been a part of a shop window in the Prague Information Service in the centre of Prague.


Two interactive floors were installed into two children play grounds and one shopping mall Čtyři Dvory


From December 2011, an interactive floor has been in the shopping centre of Čtyři dvory (Four Courts) in České Budějovice, and a playground is in Kladno and Prague.


Interactive floor gave lessons of waltz in shopping centre Chodov


From 28th October to 6th November 2011, lessons of waltz took place in a square of the shopping centre Chodov. The interactive floor project was organised in cooperation with a dance school and a host of Impuls radio for promotion in Vienna.


We performed in investment show Den D (Dragons Den) in Czech television


We participated in competition D-Day to show the interactive floor to potential clients and partners.


Interactive floor in the Letňany shopping centre in Prague


The interactive floor was placed for four months in the Letňany shopping centre in Prague.